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Esteemed Horse Shows

If you're looking for prestigious events that celebrates the majesty of horses, Evans Gait, LLC holds one of the best organized horse shows in Kiowa, Colorado: an All-Breed Gaited Horse Show. Our presentation demonstration features 20 horses and 25 classes for you to enjoy and learn about. Sessions we offer include women, youth, and breed-specific classes. There are also horse training sessions that pair you with a young horse that hasn't been in competition before. In each equestrian show and class we put on, we share our wealth of instruction, tips, and hints that will make you better-informed horse owners. Each contestant gets a chance to ride in 5-6 different classes.

Breeds On Display

You can become better-informed horse owners and enthusiasts when you visit our ranch and attend our horse shows. You'll be entranced by our most diverse selection of horses on display. These breeds include:

• Gaited Mules
• Icelandic Horses
• Kentucky Mountain Horses

• Mules
• Rocky Mountain
• Tennessee Walking Horses

Cashback Events

We hold a "Keep Your Ribbon Show," which awards winning equestrians with a cash payback against their entry fees. The entry fee is $45 all day, and you can enroll in as many classes you qualify for. These classes are for fun and not for any national points.

People Riding Horses on Park