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Classical Riding and Training

Imagine the freedom and independence you'll experience while you and your horse prepare to ride in the open wilderness. You can master a new hobby and lifestyle with Evans Gait, LLC's classical horse riding and training. We offer private and group lessons in Kiowa, Colorado, so you can learn the techniques to get the correct movements and responsiveness from your horse. You'll become so invested in the hobby that you'll want to see horse shows for inspiration.

Man Training a Horse

Weekly Classes That Build Trust

In order to build confidence and trust between yourself and your horse, we encourage you to bring your own horse to these sessions. Classes are offered weekly for about an hour, and we train you to the point where you feel comfortable with the progress you've achieved with your horse. Your horse's position and contact are some of the points we focus on during these training sessions. Our riding facilities include an indoor arena, so weather has little bearing on the lessons.

Gait Training for Your Horse

Having a gaited horse makes riding a lot easier on your back and bones, so you can ride longer and more comfortably. Evans Gait, LLC works on your horse's gait, looking at the quality and making corrections to their steps so that they'll be more graceful on their feet. We also teach you the gentle touch that is needed to achieve desired movements. Our training is modified to meet Western Dressage standards.

Before Hitting the Trails

With our exclusive instruction sessions, we can teach you how to take your horse out onto the trails with confidence. You'll be able to travel on paths and trails in places as unique as the Rocky Mountains. We'll take you and your horse to wherever your comfort and skill level allows. Our team will help you learn the functions of your essential horse riding equipment. We do encourage you to bring a helmet, but we do have some to offer if you don't bring one for class.